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About our style:

The style of karate, which forms the foundation of our training, is called Shotokan, (Shoto was a pen name used by its founder, the venerable Gichin Funakohsi). Its origins are from Okinawa, but was later refined in the mainland Japan. Our teaching style is balanced, placing equal emphasis on hand and foot techniques. In addition, students will also gain equal proficiency in Kihon(basics), Kata (prearranged movements using offensive and defensive techniques), kumite (one step and free sparring), and self-defense. Aside from the physical aspect, we strive to adhere to the principles, values, and philosophies of the Budo art.

Karate's Underlying Purpose:

Karate should never be practiced solely for fighting. Unfortunately, as portrayed in the movies martial arts tend to exaggerate and glorify violence. The true purpose of the art is the nurturing of a sublime spirit; a spirit of humility and a greater awareness of one's self and others.

Karate's objectives:

Karate-do is founded on a tradition which seeks to fulfill three primary objectives apart from self defense. First is the promotion of good health and vitality. This is achieved by improving one's aerobic fitness, coordination, strength, flexibility, and reflexes. Second is a higher level of understanding of the art, both physically and intellectually, which includes the study of the culture, traditions and philosophy. Third, karate strives to cultivate and nurture a healthy attitude amoung its practitioners, shaping one's character by realizing the value of such traits as benevolence, courtesy, respect, humility, and recognizing the worth of all human beings. The student who preseveres will develop courage, self-control and self-discipline. If these three objectives are kept in view and looked to for guidance, karate becomes a learning process and an extremely valuable link in a person's general pattern of growth, development, and change throughout life, as well as an excellent means of prolonging that life by keeping physically fit.

Karate benefits:

It is impossible to relate to you the full range and measure of benefits available. The training itself stands as the best testament to its worth and value. You will reach an optimum level of fitness, acquire the ability to defend yourself, and gain stability and peace of mind. The discipline and concentration will help you to achieve your fullest potential, and as students and instructors work together toward a desired goal, the training principals and values that karate has to offer serve not only to enrich our lives, but to influence a more positive lifestyle as well.

Karate for the Sport Minded:

Karate is a sport of individual competition. Under strict and safe rules designed for competition, karate tournaments become an outstanding example of the skill resulting from the hard work and discipline necessary to master this art. In karate, in an effort to better ones self, a person competes more with him/her self than with others.

Karate for yourself:

Karate provides you with an escape from the day-to-day grind as well as an opportunity to do something for yourself. A newfound stamina, confidence, and a take-on-the-world enthusiasm accompany the development of karate skills. In addition to this, the ability to defend ones self is an important asset to anyone at any age. In today's society it is important for people to be self-reliant and independent. More and more women are finding karate to be the key to personal security and self-confidence.

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